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Bayside Stompers  (San Diego, CA)

The Bayside Stompers play traditional jazz in their own inimitable style.  Their love and enthusiasm for the music and their pulsating renditions are always a crowd pleaser.  Their regular gig is at Fuddruckers in Mira Mesa. Contact—619-440-4476

Crown Island Jazz Band  (Coronado, CA)

The Crown Island Jazz Band focuses on traditional Dixieland jazz, but they do allow themselves to “color outside the line” once in a while.  You can often catch their act at the Landing in Coronado. Contact—619-435-2844

Dixie Express (La Mesa, CA)

Dixie Express is known for their driving renditions:  Dixieland, jazz, and swing.  This popular jazz band plays summer concerts and has a regular weekly gig at Fuddruckers in Grossmont Center. Contact—619-561-8236

Finest City Jazz Band  (La Jolla, CA)

Finest City is best known for its performances the Balboa Park Summer Concerts with the San Diego Parasol Strutters.  Don’t miss out on their ‘fine’ Dixieland music. Contact—858-551-1273

Nice and Easy  (Poway, CA)

Nice & Easy plays small-band swing with a smooth sound and an irresistible beat that appeals to dancers.  The band performs regularly at the Metaphor Café in Escondido. Contact—858-679-7220

San Diego Banjo Band  (San Diego, CA)

This toe tapping band featuring banjos, brass, gut bucket, and washboard—plus vocalists—has been playing a weekly SD gig for 13 years at McDonalds on El Cajon Blvd.  You'll hear your favorites from the early 1900's to the World War II era.  Contact—619-223-8842

San Fernando Valley Banjo Band  (Northridge, CA)

The SFVBB takes you back to the early 20th century in New Orleans for an energetic Riverboat Dixieland sound. Their music is for people who love fun and love life, and invariably love banjo music!  Contact—760-722-0148

2nd Avenue Dixieland Jazz Band  (Escondido, CA)

2nd Ave. has two banjo styles, a saloon-sounding piano, a washboard, and a tub bass.  With no brass or reeds you have to hear them to believe them—Dixieland, swing, boogie-woogie, blues, & ragtime.  Contact—760-746-9115

South Bay Ramblers  (Chula Vista, CA)

The South Bay Ramblers are easy to listen to and easy to dance to.  Stop in and enjoy their Dixieland jazz, made up of good instrumentals with the interesting use of two cornets along with nice vocals. They play weekly at the Fuddruckers in Chula Vista. Contact—619-234-9526

Red Pepper Jazz Band (San Clemente, CA)

The Red Pepper Jazz Band plays New Orleans style Jazz. Their personnel includes veterans of several outstanding Southern California traditional jazz bands. Red Pepper is a favorite of trad jazz fans as well as swing dancers. The band plays regularly at the Ocean House in Carlsbad. Contact phone: (949) 498-9340.



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